Chambara, A Duel Of Souls Is Awaiting Release

Chambara cover

Chamara, A Duel Of Souls has finished its last layout pass and will soon be up on our store! We’d like to thank Chris Longhurst for getting the game together properly and quickly!

What is Chambara, A Duel Of Souls?

“Deadly clashes of Blades!
Struggles of the heart and soul!
The life of a warrior without fear!

Jump into your favorite Akira Kurosawa film and explore the dangerous and honorable lives of the Samurai. A game about honor, duty, and dueling, Chambara focuses on being light, fast, and lethal: like the swing of a blade!”


3 thoughts on “Chambara, A Duel Of Souls Is Awaiting Release

    • Sorry for the late reply. I was on the bus all day until just now.

      Duels are the game’s catch-all term for checks. You roll a numbee of d10 equal to one of your stats (Dedication, Elegance, or one other that I can’t remember at this moment). 7-10 is a sucess. Against the environment or non-serious threats, you need just 1 or 2 sucesses. For serious people, they have stats and you roll against each other.

      Duels to the Death is combat. It’s rather lethal: More sucesses lives, less sucesses dies, ties mean you kill each other. Duels to the Death are serious affairs.

      You have a few ways to help yourself out like favors of the heavens (points used for re-rolls), pull of samsara’s wheel (10s explode, passive), and sticking to bushido (8-10 explode, active: requires your actions to be in-line with a particular tenets you chose at chargen).

      You also have to make sure you don’t lose too much face (On) or else you have to commit seppuku.

      That’s a good overview, I think. Chargen is made quick as is the gameplay. The intent is to get this running the day of with no prep.

      Anything else you want to know?


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