Friendship, Effort, Victory and The Samurai Update

Last Monday, we had a playtest for FEV with a gaming circle of mine. While I normally wouldn’t want to run my own playtest since that affects the results and makes them less useful, we did notice some issues that needed correcting and are hard at work on the next draft of the title.

We have just been approved to sell The Samurai, A 13th Age Class. After putting it into layout, it will be good for sale.

Finally, the last thing I wanted to announce is that, once FEV’s fourth draft is done, we will be doing an open-playtest of the title. This will be in addition to our regular closed-playtesting. We will post the fourth draft up on the site as a google doc. Anyone can read it, play the game, and leave some feedback.

Let me just say this: I love feedback. It’s hard to design when you are the only eyes on it. You can benchmark against other products, but it’s hard to tell how good something is on your own. While a close circle of playtesters is good, you do need outside opinions as well or else you might not be able to make the best product you can. Of course, that doesn’t mean I take every bit of criticism I get and apply it. However, I always try to consider it and, if it makes sense, apply it. I really feel that’s the only way one can get better at something: getting honest criticism and making their own judgments on it.

What I’m trying to say with the above is that I’d appreciate any critiques you could provide.


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