Where I’ve Been

Things have been a little slow on my front when it comes to developing.

Finals were rather hectic, especially on top of my CPA practice, and I ended up not being able to work over that period of time. I simply had too many coals in the fire.

When the holidays started, it was both the beginning of a much needed vacation for me, my last winter break from school ever, and the first time I’ve really had time to spend with my family in a while. So, I put off my work for that.

Afterwards, things slowed down and I ended up being a little down in the dumps. Not a lot to do in my hometown, unfortunately, nor do I really have any friends in the area. This put me in a downer mood that really killed my enthusiasm to work for quite a while. I just couldn’t build up the energy.

Now, I’m starting to get back into things. To get back into that writing and designing mindset, I’ve been working on a little fan FATE hack a few days ago. It’s not going to be for sale nor could it ever be due to the fact it uses another’s intellectual property: it’s mostly to get back into designing and for personal use.

The plan is to springboard off that and get back to work on things. It is worth noting that my last semester of graduate school starts this Monday. However, I feel the work will help me keep focused. From experience, while too much work gets in the way, being too free and without direction tends to make me apathetic and lazy.

I apologize for being not working and being so quiet about it. I resolve to get these projects done in the near future.

In addition, I plan on doing more blog like entries in the future on this site. I think it will help me stay in the writing mindset and keeping me on track for my projects. It should also be fun to talk about my thoughts on things. I hope you’ll enjoy reading them.

Once again, I apologize for my inactivity.


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