F.E.V. In Playtest, Dungeon Bastard Has New Layout, And Two Surprises


It has been a while since I did one of these. I’ve been trying to branch out on my blog sphere and try out some journalism. The interviews have been pretty damn fun and I have few more in the pipeline from some awesome, awesome people.

I’ve been working on my projects and have a few things to report that I hope everyone will enjoy!

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Dragon World – Interview With Ewen Cluney

Back in the 90s, there was a lot of silly, fantasy anime that hit American shores. Slayers, gained a bit of a cult following among D&D fans for being “how D&D was in play.” Ewen Cluney, creator of School Girls, Magical Burst, Magical Fury, and other titles, wants to bring those silly adventures to life in his new title, Dragon World.
Using the Powered By Apocalypse Engine and lessons he learned from many years of game design, Dragon World looks to give players the wacky, zany experiences of those old shows.

I recently got a chance to talk to Ewen Clueny about the title, Japanese roleplaying games, and his thoughts on games.

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Burning Wheel: Pathing Out A Life

maxresdefaultLifepaths are a rarely explored method of character generation (chargen). Cutting up a character’s life into a series of stages and combining them can lead to some very evocative, dynamic, and real characters. Others method just do not provide the same experience. Burning Wheel (BW) has one of the best Lifepath systems in tabletop roleplaying. Breaking it down and understanding how BW’s overall system interacts with Lifepaths would help designers implement it properly in their own titles.

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When Everyone Wants To Be The Star


One of the biggest issues any licensed traditional roleplaying game has at the table is how to deal with the license characters. While some people will always want to play their original characters, there can be a clamor on who gets to play certain, franchise characters. For example, Doctor Who: Adventures In Time And Space suggests some soft approaches to who can play The Doctor (give it to the best player for the role, switch every adventure, switch on regeneration. etc.), but one could use the rules from Everyone Is John to mechanically model this dynamic.

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