F.E.V. In Playtest, Dungeon Bastard Has New Layout, And Two Surprises


It has been a while since I did one of these. I’ve been trying to branch out on my blog sphere and try out some journalism. The interviews have been pretty damn fun and I have few more in the pipeline from some awesome, awesome people.

I’ve been working on my projects and have a few things to report that I hope everyone will enjoy!


Friendship, Effort, Victory In Playtest

Friendship, Effort, Victory is my attempt to use Vincent Baker’s Powered By The Apocalypse Engine to emulate the hot-blooded, valorous, and high-flying adventures of Shueshia comic’s battle comic titles such as Dragonball, Naruto, One Piece, and Bleach.

Like most PbtA titles, it focuses more on the narrative effects of the characters and less on their own abilities. In other words, it tries to emulate how these archetypes come together to tell these stories and less on powers and abilities. The Gamemaster (called Mangaka) section is something I feel that came out well in helping to make adventures that have that shonen feel to it.

I’m putting it in open playtesting as well as closed playtesting.

The combat system, inspired by the excellent World Wide Wrestling RPG by Nathan Poeletta (which is currently doing an awesome kickstarter) is something that needs some intensive playtesting. It’s a new system introduced in draft 5 after the original system just didn’t work out well in play.

I’m also particularly worried if the system is easy to read and understand for those not-in-the-know.

The link to the playtest draft is here and above.

Pages from Dungeon Bastards - Redux

Dungeon Bastards Has New Layout

I never was 100% okay with the layout of Dungeon Bastards, my crunk and crazy roleplaying game made for pick-up games. It was just too colorful, lively, and clean. It just didn’t have that “drunken dwarf writing this in the tavern while waiting on the elf to remember the ‘puff,puff, give’ rule” vibe that I wanted it to have.

Now, the redux layout has the “coffee” stains, bad handwritting, and  crunk vibe that I always wanted the title to have.

This is a free update to everyone who purchased Dungeon Bastards. If you liked the old layout, it’s still available for download.


Blue Blood

I got in a “no fantasy” kick a few weeks back. While there was many games that I could adapt into what I wanted, I got the urge to try to create what I wanted to run: a no fantasy game of courtly affairs, loosely inspired by watching season 1 of Game of Thrones.

It is meant to be a courtly game that focuses on debates and backstabbing. A game where one uses their words to direct the sword. Combat is kept dramatic (though an optional, quick combat system is going to be implemented), but is extremely lethal and brutal.

Once thing I’m experimenting with is dividing the gameplay between four modes of play: freeform, combat, debate, and warfare. Outside of freeform, the gameplay is altered to dramatize an area of emphasis. Many games do this, but I haven’t really toyed around with it yet.

I’m not done writing it — I still need to finish the Warfare and Gamemaster’s advice section –, but I’m in that excited mood where I feel like showing off the in-dev design document. It’s also because I was working on it while writing this article and thought “Hey, why not?” Mind the layout, by the way, it’s just a design document so it is a bit messy.


Fantasy Heart breaker Redemption

When I started in the hobby, my friend, Marcus, (who worked on a lot of 3.5 homebrew) and I tried to do a system together: it failed horribly.

Since then, we’ve both grown a lot as designers and I got an idea to try the collaborative idea again. Ron Edward’s “Heart Breaker Redemption” project — a call to try and fix your old fantasy games that went nowhere — inspired the thought. Marcus agreed and we’ll begin some preliminary planning on Friday.

Nothing solid, nothing on paper yet, but it might lead to something interesting in the future.



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