Shout-Out – Marvel Heroic Roleplaying

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Back in 2010, Margaret Weis Productions released one of the best Superhero tabletop rpgs on the market: Marvel Heroic Roleplaying (MHR). Using a permutation of their already impressive Cortex+ system, MHR did what most Superhero games do not and emulate the nature of comics, as opposed to emulating superpowers.

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Shout Out – Fantasy Flight’s Star Wars


Star Wars is no stranger to the tabeltop roleplaying scene. It’s first entry, West End’s Star Wars: The Roleplaying Game, kickstarted their entire expanded universe. Since then, Wizards of the Coast gave it three tries in d20. But, the most recent contender, Fantasy Flight, has really knocked it out of the park.

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Doing Jedi Right


My love for Star Wars is no secret: I’m a huge fan.

The element that is most “Star Wars” to me is the Jedi/Sith conflict (and the force, which comes with it).¬†While it isn’t the defining factor for everyone, it is the most unique element of Star Wars.

The Force, a mystical energy field generated by all life forms, is split between the light and the dark, good and evil. From this divide, an order of selfless warrior-monks and a secretive enclave of self-absorbed deceivers battle throughout the centuries in the name of their side of this cosmic battle. All of this occurring in a pulpy science fantasy setting that, outside this element, leans on the science-fiction side.

As many love the Jedi and the Sith, one might wonder what elements make them unique and how this can inspire works in their own settings.

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