Hero Datafile: X-Men Blue, Angel (2017)


We’re nearing the end of the X-Men Blue datafiles. We have Jean GreyBeastCyclops, and Iceman. Only two members of the team remain. And today we will be talking about the seraphim look-a-like, Angel. The rich son of the Worrington family.

Considering everything his main timeline counterpart has been through, Warren’s time in the future has been a crisis on infinite existential dramas (yes, I know that’s DC before anyone points it out).


Warren Worthington the Third didn’t have the easiest start in the future. He noted something was off about his future-self and become worried when no one would explain to him what happened. For those at home, his future-self had gone somewhat crazy, lost his memories, and believed himself to be a true angel. When modern Cyclops offered any X-Men the chance to switch sides during the X-Men civil war, Angel took it and joined the mutant extremists, later to be joined by the rest of the young mutants.

Never content to ever have normal bird wings, Warren decided to keep the cosmic powers he gained from the Black Vortex event, gifting him burning wings and faster flight. That’s not to mention their increased fire power.

When their cabal with modern Cyclops fell through, the X-Men broke up and Angel shacked up with X-23, laying low and going on a road trip. This was before vacationing in Colorado and trying to put X-Men things behind them.

Eventually, Beast reunited them and, upon discovering the past has corrected for their absence, he joined the X-Men in Madripoor to discover the new future they can create for themselves.



Warren Worthington The Third [public]


Solo d6
Buddy d8
Team d10


Empowered By Cosmic Forces
Freed From His Dark Fate
Heir Without An Estate
[d4 (+1 PP) or d8]

Power Sets:

Black Vortex Empowerment

Cosmic Fire Blast d10
Superhuman Durability d10
Supersonic Flight d10
SFX: Area Attack. Against multiple targets, for each additional target add a d6 and keep an additional effect die.
SFX: Space Flight. Shutdown Cosmic Fire Blast to step up Supersonic Flight by +1. Revert these changes by activating an opportunity or during a transition scene.
Limit: Power Beyond Mortal Ken. Change any Power Cosmic into a complication to gain 1 PP. Activate an opportunity to recover.

Winged Mutant

Enhanced Reflexes d8
Enhanced Senses d8
Superhuman Stamina d10
Subsonic Flight d8
 Winged Charge. Against a single target, step up or double Subsonic Flight. Remove the highest rolling die and use three dice for your total.
Limit: Mutant. When affected by mutant-specific complications or tech, earn 1 pp.


Acrobatic Master d10
Business Expert d8
Combat Expert d8
Psych Expert d8
[You may convert Expert d8 to 2d6, or Master d10 to 2d8 or 3d6]


Changing My Fate

1 XP when you talk about how you fear becoming your future-self.
3 XP when you seize an opportunity to change your fate.
10 XP when you accept what happened as what happened and stop fearing it or you change your entire being to sever yourself from the future.

White Knight

1 XP when you voice your concerns about a teammate’s safety.
3 XP when you get in the way and ruin things out of concern for a teammate.
10 XP 
when you either accept your teammate can handle themselves or take physical trauma protecting a teammate.


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