Hero Datafile: X-Men Blue, Wolverine (2017)


We’ve covered the rest of the team – Jean,  BeastCyclopsIcemanAngel – in our previous posts. Now, it’s time to discuss the most recent addition to X-Men Blue, Wolverine. Except he isn’t the best he isn’t the one everyone knows about. Hell, he even isn’t even from Earth-616, the main marvel universe. He isn’t even a traditional mutant, most likely lacking the x-gene.

But he’s wolverine, that’s for sure.

X-Men continuity can always be trusted to be two things: political and convoluted. And this Wolverine is definitely the later.


It’s actually a little hard describing the history of this member as its currently unknown. But, at the same time, known. A bit complicated so let me explain.

This wolverine is James Hudson Jr. In Earth-1610 (the alternate universe featured in Ultimate Comics), he was the son of wolverine that was raised by Wolverine’s trusted confidant, James Hudson. He has an entire backstory and list of adventurers in Earth-1610.

Then, Earth-1610 vanished during Secret Wars. Initially, it was believed only a few people survived into the new Earth-616, like Miles Morales and Maker. But, it’s slowly been revealed that more people survived.

Recently, a few of the mutants from Earth-1610 were discovered by Jean Grey using Cerebro. She noted that their signatures appeared strange when compared to other mutants. This would make sense as mutants in Earth-616 have mutations due to the x-gene, while mutants of Earth-1610 gained their powers due to government experiments with the Captain America super soldier serum.

Following the lead, X-Men Blue discovered Wolverine being hunted by a group of mutants from Earth-1610 called the New Marauders. They were under the psychic lead of Ms. Sinister. In the end, Ms. Sinister deemed Wolverine too hard to control and let X-Men Blue recruit Wolverine.

He lacks all memories of his time on Earth-1610 and is trying his best to relearn it. It is heavily implied things have happened between now and Secret Wars. A lot of the world he knew did not port over to Earth-616, regardless. As such, he doesn’t have much current ties to the world outside X-Men Blue.

As such, it’s hard to really discuss his past. It’s possible a lot of it was changed during Secret Wars, there is a big blank spot where we don’t know what happened, and, regardless, he simply doesn’t remember any of it, so we don’t know what is still true.

But, hey, the mystery of Weapon X has always been a selling point of main timeline Wolverine and this is basically the same dilemma.

When it comes to abilities, Wolverine has all the same powers as his Earth-616 counterpart. The only real difference is he got his claws naturally as part of his mutation, rather than having it implanted in him by the Weapon X program.



James Hudson Jr. [public]


Solo d10
Buddy d6
Team d8


Forgotten Past
From A Dead Universe
Son Of Wolverine
[d4 (+1 PP) or d8]

Power Set:

Different Kind Of Mutant

Adamantium Claws d10
Enhanced Reflexes d8
Enhanced Strength d8
Godlike Stamina d12
Psychic Resistance d10
Superhuman Senses d10
SFX: Berserk. Borrow a die from the doom pool for an attack action. Step up the doom die by +1 and return to the doom pool.
SFX: Fearsome. Add d6 and step up effect die by +1 when using Different Kind Of Mutant powers to inflict emotional stress.
SFX: Focus. In a pool including a Feral Mutant die, replace two dice of equal steps with one die of +1 step.
SFX: Immunity. Spend 1 PP to ignore telepathy or mind control.
SFX: Healing Factor. Spend 1 PP to recover your physical stress and step back your physical trauma by –1.
Limit: Earth-1610 Mutant. When affected by Earth-1610 mutant-specific complications or tech, earn 1 pp.
Limit: Heavy Metal. On a magnetic attack or while swimming, change any Different Kind Of Mutant power into a complication and gain 1 PP. Activate an opportunity or remove the complication to recover the power.


Combat Master d10
Covert Expert d8
Crime Expert d8
Menace Master d10
Vehicle Expert d8
[You may convert Expert d8 to 2d6, or Master d10 to 2d8 or 3d6]


Brave New World

1 XP when you discuss how different and unfamiliar things seem.
3 XP when your Earth-1610 Mutant limit first activates in a scene.
10 XP when you find a home and role in this new world or you leave the team in-search of a new universe closer to your original one that you can call home.

Who Am I?

1 XP when you discuss your frustrations with your lost past with someone.
3 XP when you seek out clues about who you are.
10 XP when you either find out your secret origins or resolve to live for the future and stop worrying about the past.


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