Force Traditions of Weik – Fantasy Flight Star Wars RPG Homebrew


A while back, I was running a game of Fantasy Flight Stars Wars using the Force and Destiny rulebook. I set the game on the planet Weik, a planet made for the game. It is a primitive world where colonists crash landed thousands of years ago and have forgotten their origin.

I decided to write out the force traditions of the planet for character creation. Instead of just writing them out, I decided to lay it out and make it look nice. I had Adobe Indesign and thought “why not?”

Since I think it looks fairly nice and that people here might like it, I decided to share it here.

You can find the homebrew by clicking on this hyperlink.


What Happened? – Bleach


Bleach by Tite Kubo used to be one the Big 3 shonen manga. It was the creme de la creme in the Japanese battle manga industry with international success. For those out of the know, that means it was a highly successful superhero comic that managed to get brought overseas: hell, one of the 3 biggest comics in the Japanese industry.

Then, it became terrible and was cancelled due to low sales. It got an ending, sure, but a forced one that ended, allegedly, over twenty issues before the author wanted to finish it.

I ask a simple question, how?

Before I move on, I’d like to preface this by saying that I am a fan of Bleach. I followed the series from the first issue to the last issue, even as my interest waned and it felt like an obligation. I am no literary expert, but I can give a first-hand account of what a fan feels about the series’ decline.

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Hero Datafile: X-Men Blue, Angel (2017)


We’re nearing the end of the X-Men Blue datafiles. We have Jean GreyBeastCyclops, and Iceman. Only two members of the team remain. And today we will be talking about the seraphim look-a-like, Angel. The rich son of the Worrington family.

Considering everything his main timeline counterpart has been through, Warren’s time in the future has been a crisis on infinite existential dramas (yes, I know that’s DC before anyone points it out).

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Hero Datafile: X-Men Blue, Jean Grey (2017)


Back in 2013, X-Men comics decided to both shakes things up and brings things back with one hell of a twist. After Cyclops turned mutant extremist and allowed the Phoenix Force to control him and, in that state, killed Charles Xavier, Beast decided the best way to set things straight was to go into the past and retrieve the original X-Men from the Silver Age to try to talk sense to Cyclops.

The original intention was a short story that was meant to be a good jumping on point for readers. However, it has become the victim of its own success and now the time displaced X-Men have remained in the present for four years of real-time, now being sold under the title of X-Men Blue (as opposed to the main timeline team, X-Men Gold).

And, personally, I’m a big fan.

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