Dragonball Heroic Roleplaying – Vegeta (Sayian Saga to Super)

Marvel Dragon

It’s been over a year since I did Goku’s datafiles. It’s still fun to make these things, however. And, honestly, Goku burnt me out a tad: he required too many files to really encompass his entire cannon career.

Now it’s time for the Prince. The co-star of Super. The little devil himself. Vegeta.

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DC Animated Heroic Roleplaying – Founding Leaguers


A while back, I tried to get a game off the ground set in the DCAU. That didn’t work out, unfortunately. I had already built the main datafiles for the founding League members. But, since it never worked out, I thought I would share them here.

These datafiles are from the Justice League cartoon series that aired on Cartoon Network from 2001 to 2006. Funny enough, I didn’t watch a lot of the show’s predecessors, Batman Animated and Superman Animated shows, as a kid. But I really got into this show, as well as Batman Beyond and Static Shock.

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Valiant Heroic Roleplaying – Woody

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Woodrow “Woody” Van Chelton has always been reckless and wild. The adopted brother of Eric Henderson, the pair were a classic “odd couple” or “buddy cop” pairing. If Eric is the overly wound-up, straight edge, Woody is the headstrong mess. They get on each others nerves constantly and often go long times without seeing each other. Hell, after an incident in high school, the pair didn’t see each other again until their father’s death.

After a brief fight at the funeral, Woody, of course, suggests breaking into their dad’s lab and investigating his death. The pair ended up getting caught in an explosion at their father’s lab — that they caused — and getting superpowers. Woody decides, after a brief fight with the police, that they should become superheroes.

And, thus, the world’s worst superheroes were born!

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Valiant Heroic Roleplaying – Archer

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Obadiah Archer was raised by his parents to be a devout christian. He was trained to be a holy warrior of Christiandom and mastered all forms of combat. He excelled past his 22 brothers and sisters and became an agent of the Dominion.

His first assignment: kill the Anti-Christ.

Sounds easy? Well, it got complicated. Fast. And the little boy from the anti-evolution amusement park started his first steps to a wider world.

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Continuing from X-O Manowar, it’s time to hit one of Valiant’s other heavy hitters: Bloodshot. The nanoite infused mercenary who can survive anything. No memory of who he was and no idea where he was going.

He’s gone on a big journey since issue #1 of his original series and a lot of things have come to light and changed. However, like I said, trying to avoid spoilers so we’re keeping him to how he originally appeared. So, this won’t include the awesome Jeff Lemire run, sadly.

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