Force Traditions of Weik – Fantasy Flight Star Wars RPG Homebrew


A while back, I was running a game of Fantasy Flight Stars Wars using the Force and Destiny rulebook. I set the game on the planet Weik, a planet made for the game. It is a primitive world where colonists crash landed thousands of years ago and have forgotten their origin.

I decided to write out the force traditions of the planet for character creation. Instead of just writing them out, I decided to lay it out and make it look nice. I had Adobe Indesign and thought “why not?”

Since I think it looks fairly nice and that people here might like it, I decided to share it here.

You can find the homebrew by clicking on this hyperlink.

Blue Blood First Draft


Tongues like daggers and knives in the back are what you’ll need to survive if you want try out my latest, smaller roleplaying game: Blue Blood.

I showed an incomplete draft in my earlier update post. Since then, I’ve finished the first draft and have had some time to playtest it.

It seems to be working well so far, but internal “creator-in-the-game” playtesting is far from reliable as I know the intent of every rule. Can’t really judge if the rules are legible or the if the GM advice is good when you’re the one who wrote it, after all.

Anyway, if anyone wants to take a peak at draft one, here it is.

Quick Update

Currently, work on my projects have been delayed due to a mixture of the holidays, graduate school, CPA preparation, and Fallout 4.

I apologize for this delay. Once my last final is over, I will get back to work. I already known how I plan to finish Yokai Blade and Phoenix Rising. Friendship, Effort, Victory’s updates are still in my head as well. Once I have time to really sit down and work, they should all move forward.

In the near future, I’m going to begin linking playtest documents to the related entries in my projects page. Should be a good way to get feedback.

I’d like to thank everyone for reading and hope you have a happy holidays and happy gaming.

National Game Design Month

November is well on its way and Thanksgiving is only two weeks away for us Americans.

While November has been National Writing Month for a while, this is the first year I was aware it was also National Game Design Month. NatGaDeMon is a month all about designing games. I’ve decided to take a quick break from development on FEV to make a game for this month. I hope this isn’t an issue.

It’s already in second draft and it’s called Phoenix Rising. It’s a rules light game that uses the Radiant Engine, the same engine used in Dungeon Bastards. The engine has been altered to allow for more traditional play. It’s also my first experiment for a game with a more defined and prominent setting.

It’s set in a world where Earth has been lost and mankind found the rest of galactic community in their travels. Not too long after, they discovered that space is weird. Not in the traditional science fiction sense, though. It’s weird in a science fantasy sense. We’re talking councils of space wizards, elemental benders, the ability to engage a “super mode” or the simple fact that space travel is dirt easy.

For anyone interested in seeing the playtest, you can find it here. Quick warning, this is not professionally laid out. It is playtest material so it is simply straight from a word processor.

Phoenix Rising isn’t the only game I’m making for NatGaDeMon. The other one isn’t ready yet for public viewing, but I was dared by a friend into doing something different and unexpected. So, I decided to start work on Yokai Blade, a rules medium-to-heavy traditional roleplaying game. It’s nothing like I’ve ever made before since I’m normally the rules-light indie kind of dev. That said, I am doing a lot of things different despite being traditional in objective. 

I plan to have both titles done by the end of November. Whether I will end up selling them, I have no idea.

The Samurai (13th Age Roleplaying Game) Released

13Asamurai Cover

The Samurai (13th Age Roleplaying Game) has been released onto Drivethrurpg.

A mounted-combat class for the 13th Age Roleplaying System that takes heavy inspiration from ancient Samurai. If you wanted more horse driven battle in your 13th Age game, The Samurai delivers. Similar to a paladin, not too simple, not too complex, and balanced out to fit in easily, The Samurai is a good addition to any game seeking an alternative defender.

If any of this interests you, be sure to check it out.

Friendship, Effort, Victory and The Samurai Update

Last Monday, we had a playtest for FEV with a gaming circle of mine. While I normally wouldn’t want to run my own playtest since that affects the results and makes them less useful, we did notice some issues that needed correcting and are hard at work on the next draft of the title.

We have just been approved to sell The Samurai, A 13th Age Class. After putting it into layout, it will be good for sale.

Finally, the last thing I wanted to announce is that, once FEV’s fourth draft is done, we will be doing an open-playtest of the title. This will be in addition to our regular closed-playtesting. We will post the fourth draft up on the site as a google doc. Anyone can read it, play the game, and leave some feedback.

Let me just say this: I love feedback. It’s hard to design when you are the only eyes on it. You can benchmark against other products, but it’s hard to tell how good something is on your own. While a close circle of playtesters is good, you do need outside opinions as well or else you might not be able to make the best product you can. Of course, that doesn’t mean I take every bit of criticism I get and apply it. However, I always try to consider it and, if it makes sense, apply it. I really feel that’s the only way one can get better at something: getting honest criticism and making their own judgments on it.

What I’m trying to say with the above is that I’d appreciate any critiques you could provide.

Chambara, A Duel Of Souls Is Awaiting Release

Chambara cover

Chamara, A Duel Of Souls has finished its last layout pass and will soon be up on our store! We’d like to thank Chris Longhurst for getting the game together properly and quickly!

What is Chambara, A Duel Of Souls?

“Deadly clashes of Blades!
Struggles of the heart and soul!
The life of a warrior without fear!

Jump into your favorite Akira Kurosawa film and explore the dangerous and honorable lives of the Samurai. A game about honor, duty, and dueling, Chambara focuses on being light, fast, and lethal: like the swing of a blade!”