Quick Update

Currently, work on my projects have been delayed due to a mixture of the holidays, graduate school, CPA preparation, and Fallout 4.

I apologize for this delay. Once my last final is over, I will get back to work. I already known how I plan to finish Yokai Blade and Phoenix Rising. Friendship, Effort, Victory’s updates are still in my head as well. Once I have time to really sit down and work, they should all move forward.

In the near future, I’m going to begin linking playtest documents to the related entries in my projects page. Should be a good way to get feedback.

I’d like to thank everyone for reading and hope you have a happy holidays and happy gaming.

Welcome To The Site!

Welcome to the site for Friendly Neighborhood Gamer (FNG)!

Hope you don’t mind the Spartan layout as we are still setting things up. If everything goes as planned, this place should look a lot more appealing in the near future.

To any one interested in news and updates on our games, be sure to check back here. We will give out previews, playtests, and other such sneak peaks as our projects move forward.

Thanks for giving us a look and happy gaming!