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As of this posting, we have two games and two supplements out.

Pages from Dungeon Bastards - Redux

Dungeon Bastards

A crass and crude game that focuses on unruly adventures making trouble in town. Designed for light and silly play, this title is great for those who love irreverence, “murderhobos” , and overuse of the word “crunk.”

Chambara cover

Chambara, A Duel Of Souls

Jump into your favorite Akira Kurosawa film and explore the dangerous and honorable lives of the Samurai. A game about honor, duty, and dueling, Chambara focuses on being light, fast, and lethal: like the swing of a blade.

13Asamurai Cover

The Samurai (13th Age Roleplaying Game)

A mounted-combat class for the 13th Age Roleplaying System that takes heavy inspiration from ancient Samurai. If you wanted more horse driven battle in your 13th Age game, The Samurai delivers. Similar to a paladin, not too simple, not too complex, and balanced out to fit in easily, The Samurai is a good addition to any game seeking an alternative defender.


The Monk, A Dungeon World Playbook
Illustration by Kaitlyn Peavler

A playbook for Sage Kobold Production’s Dungeon World, the Monk is a class that many fantasy roleplayers would be familiar with: the master of unarmed combat and wise, enlightened mentor. For those feeling this archetype was missing from their DW game, this class will fit nicely into any game.


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