Shout-Out – Marvel Heroic Roleplaying

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Back in 2010, Margaret Weis Productions released one of the best Superhero tabletop rpgs on the market: Marvel Heroic Roleplaying (MHR). Using a permutation of their already impressive Cortex+ system, MHR did what most Superhero games do not and emulate the nature of comics, as opposed to emulating superpowers.

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Breakfast Cult – Interview With Paul Matijevic

breakfastcult.hallway.png(Credit: Maddi Gonzalez)

A year or so back, there was a contest on the Something Awful forums to make a halloween themed game. Paul Matijevic, known as Ettin and creator of Retrocausality, burst onto the contest with his Fate Accelerated (FAE) hack, Breakfast Cult.

A weird mix of cosmic horror, high school, and anime tropes, the title won the contest and a lot of interest on the forums.

Flash forward a few months and Paul has successfully kickstarted the title and  is deep in development on a much more robust, in-depth, and standalone version of the title.

Contrasting the elements of a school slice-of-life (at least on the surface) and the terrifying nature of cosmic horror, Breakfast Cult is certainly different from a lot of offerings currently on the market.

I recently had a chance to sit down with Paul Matijevic and discuss the development of his title.

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Undertale And Tabletop RPGs


Recently, I got a chance to sit down and play Toby Fox’s Undertale. It was really great and I highly recommend playing it, if you haven’t already. Of course, you don’t need me to tell you that considering how insanely popular the title has been. What I plan on doing here is trying to relate some of the cool ideas presented in the game back to tabletop roleplaying games.

Why? It just sounded like a fun idea and it might lead to some fun adventures in the future.

Spoiler Warning

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